City of Brahma: Pushkar

Location: Ajmer, Rajasthan
Temperature: Min : 7°  Max : 45°
Best Time: October to March
Main Attractions: Pushkar Camel Fair (Oct-Nov), Brahma temple, Savitri Temple and Lakes
Languages: Official: Hindi, Regional: Marwari (Rajasthani)
STD code: +91-145
Pushkar is famously recognized as the' City of Brahma', is a sister city of Ajmer. This holiest city of Rajasthan is enclosed by desert and Snake Mountain. It is only 14 kilometers away from Ajmer is considered every bit unitary of the sacred hams' for Hindu devotees. Pushkar, one of the oldest urban centers of India, lies on the bank of Pushkar Lake. Pushkar is mainly celebrated for its ancient synagogues and the Holy Lake.

How to reach:

By Road: Pushkar is 11 km far from Ajmer Bus stand There are numerous private transports and state transport organization transports that join Pushkar with other major and minor urban areas and towns of Rajasthan and rest of India. The street system in this locale is smooth and all around kept up for an euphoric ride.

By Train: Pushkar has a railroad station and is joined with the closest substantial station, Ajmer. The local as well as outside visitor can recruit a taxi to reach Pushkar. These two specific railroad stations have great availability towards different parts of Rajasthan and rest of the nation.

By Air:
The closest air terminal to Pushkar is Sanganer Airport at Jaipur and is around 146 kms far from Pushkar. This specific air terminal has great availability of flights to real airplane terminals of Rajasthan and rest of the nation. The travelers who are dropping by flights can select getting a taxi keeping in mind the end goal to reach Pushkar.

The climate of Pushkar is of an extreme desert type. Pushkar weather observes wide differences in the day and night warmths. In the summer time, the days are hot, with the blazing with its entire force. The night is a complete difference. The nights in Pushkar are pretty cold, even in summers.

What to wear:

As the city comes a very high temperature you should set up carefully before imposing the most sacred city of India. To love the tour during the summer months, you should pack outfits that help you adjust the extreme high temperature. Granting to the experienced visitors, Pushkar tourists should pack cotton shirts, pants, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion to protect your hide from the sunbeam, a pair of sandals and so along.

Facts about Pushkar:

District: Ajmer
Elevation: 510 m (1,670 ft)
Population (2001): 14,789